Thursday, March 8, 2012

Add a new workstation to plan without waiting for FINAL

To add a new workstation to plan without waiting for FINAL job stream to run use the below command:
./<TWS_home>/JnextPlan -for 0000
The above command will "refresh" the plan, adds new workstation, archives the success jobs (if you dont want to archive the success jobs parameter -noremove should be also used) etc.

Hint: Make sure that all jobs have the CarryForward option to all jobs or the variable enCarryForward set to ALL


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    1. On TWS 9.2 Systems You can also issue the following command
      JnextPlan -for 0000 -noremove

      This will keep all the successfull Jobstreams in their current status .

      regards Nige Jowett

    2. Good suggestion, post updated.

      Thank you