Thursday, March 15, 2012

Corrupted FTA Symphony file

To restore the Symphony files when it gets corrupted on any of FTA agent perform the following using the TWS_user:

Method a. (manual restore)

On the FTA with corrupted Symphony: 
1. Change the limit to 0, to prevent any jobs from beeing launched once the new Symphony file is created: 
./<TWS_home>/bin/conman "lc;0"

2. Stop all TWS process on the FTA with corrupted Symphony: 
./<TWS_home>/bin/conman "shutdown;wait"

3. Delete / Rename the following files:
Symphony, Sinfonia, Jobtable, <TWS_home>/*.msg and <TWS_home>/pobox/*.msg

On the TWS MDM: 
4. Unlink all the agents: 
./<TWS_home>/bin/conman "unlink @;noask"

5. Stop the TWS MDM agent: 
./<TWS_home>/bin/conman "shutdown;wait"

6. Rename Sinfonia file and copy the Symphony file over the Sinfonia.
7. Start the TWS MDM agent: 

8. Link all the agents: 
./<TWS_home>/bin/conman "link @;noask"

On the FTA with corrupted Symphony:  
9. Start the agent: 

On the TWS MDM: 
10. Start & Link the FTA with corrupted Symphony: 
./<TWS_home>/bin/conman "start FTA_name & link FTA_name;noask"

At this stage the new Symphony file should be deployed to the FTA with corrupted Symphony, it will be exactly how it was before the corruption occurred, also as the *msg files were remove / delete some jobs / job stream information may be lost, verify the jobs / job streams status to make sure none of them will be ran 2 times. 

11. Change the limit to the original value: 
./<TWS_home>/bin/conman "lc;100"

Method b. (semi-automated restore): 
There a script utility developed by IBM for the corrupted Symphony file that can be found HERE

Hint: If there are multiple agents with corrupted Symphony, repeat the above process for each one.

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