Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Security File Corrupted

In some rare cases the TWS Security file gets corrupted, you will receive the below error message, which is also found in SystemOut.log file:

AWSDEJ027E Either the user for which authorization is being sought is not defined  n the Security file, or it is defined but no associated access rights are defined. The Security file is probably either empty or corrupt.

To resolve the problem perform the below steps:

1.  login as root
2.  . ./<TWS_home>/
3.  rm Security
4.  ./<TWS_home>/bin/makesec Security.conf

After applying the above steppes the "default" Security file is restored and at this time you can apply Security file back-up created before:

./<TWS_home>/bin/makesec Security_bck

Hint: Always do a Security file back-up every time you perform any changes on it, i do the back-ups as Security_<date>, e.g. Security_20120229.